655 avenue René Descartes
Parc de la Duranne - BP 412
13591 Aix-en-Provence CEDEX 3
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New Student residence in Nancy – Artem

Student residence in Nancy

France Odalys Campus Artem

From €500/month

Odalys Campus Artem, a residence in the heart of the Artem district with the comfort and services you need for your new student life. You will have the opportunity to share good...

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New Student residence in Porto – Porto Granjo Centro

Student residence in Porto

Portugal Odalys Campus Porto Granjo Centro

From €595/month

Odalys Campus Porto Granjo Centreo, a student residence right in the heart of the city. Here you will find a modern, friendly atmosphere with communal areas designed to help you...

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New Student residence in Reims – Reims Universités

Student residence in Reims

Odalys Campus Reims Universités

From €461/month

Odalys Campus Reims Universités, the perfect, safe setting for your student years ! Here you will be able to live both your private life and be part of a real student community....

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New Student residence in Caen – Rives de L’Orne

Student residence in Caen

Odalys Campus Rives de L'Orne

From €458/month

Odalys Campus Rives de l’Orne de Vauban offers an ideal for student years in France. You will find here a perfect balance between your student and social life with modern,...

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New Student residence in Le Havre – Les Docks Vauban

Student residence in Le Havre

Odalys Campus Les Docks Vauban

From €430/month

Odalys Campus Les Docks Vauban, the ideal setting for studies and leisure activities. With its modern, welcoming communal areas, you will quickly integrate into the student...

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Student residence in Rennes – Sainte-Anne

Student residence in Rennes

Odalys Campus Sainte Anne

From €539/month

Odalys Campus Sainte Anne is much more than just student accommodation. Discover the friendly atmosphere in the communal areas designed so you can easily integrate into this...

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New Student residence in Poitiers – Beaulieu

Student residence in Poitiers

Odalys Campus Beaulieu

From €425/month

Odalys Campus Beaulieu is much more than student accommodation. It’s a work-friendly environment offering comfort, fun, shared living spaces and a team by your side whenever...

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Student residence in Angers – Jean Moulin

Student residence in Angers

Odalys Campus Jean Moulin

From €526/month

The Odalys Campus Jean Moulin is more than just a student residence : discover your new campus environment. Modern, spacious communal areas designed to encourage sharing and fun...

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