655 avenue René Descartes
Parc de la Duranne - BP 412
13591 Aix-en-Provence CEDEX 3
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We've got a great offer for you

So, you’ve moved into your Odalys Campus, you’re enjoying the lively atmosphere in the residence, close to your school or University, in your own accommodation where you feel right at home and you know someone who’s looking for the same deal.
We’ve got what you need : a great deal for you and a great deal for your friend thanks to our sponsorship offer !

So, you want to know more ?

  • For you : pay no charges (valid for the month following the arrival of your sponsor) 
  • For your friend : pay no booking fees

This offer is valid for a lease taken until 01 June 2024 for all Odalys Campus residences

So, you're ready to become a campus sponsor ?
Invite your friends to join the student community in your residence !

For more info and to get started, come and see us at reception !

You still have some questions ?

Don't hesitate to get in touch