655 avenue René Descartes
Parc de la Duranne - BP 412
13591 Aix-en-Provence CEDEX 3
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Student residence in Nancy – Green Lodge

Student residence in Nancy

Odalys Campus Green Lodge

From €500/month

Odalys Campus Green Lodge, a residence which offers you all the home comforts and services you might need for your new student life. Communal areas to meet up with and make even...

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Student residence in Nantes – Île de Nantes

Student residence in Nantes

Odalys Campus Île de Nantes

From €503/month

Odalys Campus Île de Nantes, a modern, safe student residence in an ideal location. Join a real student community and make new friends in the communal areas in this residence....

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Student residence in Rennes – Mil’on

Student residence in Rennes

Odalys Campus Mil’on

From €551/month

Odalys Campus Mil’on is a modern, simply designed student residence ideally located in the town of Rennes. Welcoming co-living areas with a lively atmosphere along with communal...

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Student residence in Metz – Manufacture

Student residence in Metz

Odalys Campus Manufacture

From €547/month

Odalys Campus Manufacture, a unique setting in the city centre, student residence housed in a converted tabacco factory ! Here you will be able to find the right balance between...

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Student residence in Tours – Jardin des Lettres

Student residence in Tours

Odalys Campus Jardin des Lettres

From €528/month

Odalys Campus Jardin des Lettres, a safe, quiet student residence with services to make day-to-day life easy. Here you will be able to find a good balance between your student...

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Student residence in Rueil Malmaison

Student residence in Rueil Malmaison

Odalys Campus Paris Rueil

From €799/month

Odalys Campus Paris Rueil in an ideal setting for the perfect student life near Paris ! With an onsite team available to answer your questions, secured entrance and useful...

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Student residence in Perpignan – Estudy

Student residence in Perpignan

Odalys Campus Estudy

From €390/month

Odalys Campus Perpignan is a student residence that offers great services to make your student life as pleasant and easy as possible ! Onsite car par, bike or motorbike storage...

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Student residence in Orleans – Saint Jean

Student residence in Orleans

Odalys Campus Saint Jean

From €393/month

Odalys Campus Saint Jean is ideal for your student life in the heart of this historical town ! A safe residence with night watchman and onsite staff to answer any questions you...

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