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How do I book ?

1. Prepare your file

Fill in the pre-booking documents :

  • Guarantee document
  • Pre-booking form
  • 2. Transfer your file

    Send your documents to your chosen residence or deliver them directly onsite

    3. We'll be in touch

    We will finalise your file together. We’ll fix a date for the inventory and key collection. Nothing could be simpler !

    Hey !

    What do you need in your file ?

    To be a tenant
    Let’s start with a few photocopies :

    • ✓ Your valid student card or proof of inscription
    • ✓ Your valid ID card or passport→ If your country of birth is not in the EEC : a copy of your resident permit
    • ✓ Your last tax statement if you have been paying taxes as an employee
    • ✓ If necessary, proof of income covering 3 times the rent : a copy of your last 3 payslips or a document certified by an accountant showing proof of your income

    Nearly there :

    • ✓ If you do not have an income, you need a guarantee document from a third party (ex. : your parents). This document must be hand written and will be requested for each lease renewal
    • ✓ A multi-risk house insurance certificate to be presented for the signature of the contract
    • ✓ An IBAN if you would like to set up a direct debit

    Important info :

    • → If you are a foreign student and you do not have an income or a guarantor : the deposit will be 2 months’ rent

    For the garantor

    A few more photocopies :

    • ✓ ID card or passport
    • ✓ Latest tax statement
    • ✓ Proof of income covering 3 times the rent : last 3 payslips or a document certified by an accountant showing proof of your income

    Last but not least :

    • ✓ An IBAN
    • ✓ A commitment to the undertaking of the guarantee (guarantee document)

    Select your residence :

    Discover our partner

    Please first choose a residence


    Now you’ve found your student home at our Odalys Campus, you can sort out your energy contract! With our partner Studywatt, you will have assistance for admin procedures and get the best offers negociated for you.


    You’ve found your ideal apartment but you don’t have a guarantor ? Our partner GarantMe could solve this problem. Thanks to the online form, in just a few minutes, everything will be sorted out. It’s as simple as your rental agreement.

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    HOLA !

    The Erasmus program

    An unmissible experience to live among many others during your student years… If you are tempted, it’s a great choice ! This program in partnership with universities and schools allows you to live abroad for a semester or even a full year in some cases. A unique experience that will let you discover another culture, learn another language and come back with a head full of fantastic memories. Odalys Campus can already welcome you in Spain and Portugal.

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