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Psst !

Lydia, the ideal App to manage your student budget

As a student or young professional, keeping a close eye on your spending will be very important. Between school fees, food shopping, going out and activities… a monthly budget can climb very quickly. No question of letting yourself get overwhelmed, with Lydia you will be able to manage your budget to the nearest euro.

Hey, so what exactly is Lydia

An App that gives you access to a 100% mobile current account where you can :

  • Receive money from family
  • Recharge your account
  • Pay with your mobile
  • Add bank accounts
  • Create share accounts with other Lydia users
  • Create à kitty
  • Pay and withdraw money abroad with NO FEES

And you can do all of that WITHOUT changing your bank

Psst, so how does it work ?After having established your monthly expenses, you transfer the chosen amount from your bank account to Lydia. Thus, you only spend what you have on the Lydia account, no overdraft possibility and a budget kept under control.

The little extras of the App• A fully customizable interface with a unique design: photos, labels
• No account opening fees
• Unlimited number of accounts
• Automatic cashback system at several large chain stores
Lydia x Odalys Campus In summary, Lydia is like your bank but more user friendly. A current account opened in 2 minutes with a French IBAN, no paperwork, sharing and above all no overdraft !
With Odalys Campus, take advantage of a good deal with Lydia with 6 months free and €10 cashback. Once you are settled into your residence, take advantage of this offer !
This partnership is not eligible for our campus residences in Spain and Portugal

Psst !

En Voiture Simone, your highway code and driving license in no time !

That’s it you’ve decided to pass your driver’s license, we have a good plan for you. It’s not easy to juggle between your student life, reviewing the highway code and planning driving lessons. With “En Voiture Simone”, there are no more excuses: your training adapts to your schedule.

Hey, so what exactly is En voiture Simone ?

En voiture Simone is an online driving school via an App or website that will give you the best highway code and driving lessons wherever you are.

  • Highway code online exercices
  • Driving lessons near you
  • Planning open 7 days per week 6am to 11pm
  • Highway code + 20 hours of driving package
  • Programming for driving test
  • Choose your instructor
  • Saving around €400
  • Possibility to pay in installments

Psst, so how does it work ?Once you have validated the Pack Permit on the En Voiture Simone website, you can start taking your lessons online. Via the App or directly on the website, you will have access to exercises (practice, mock exams, corrections, etc.) to be done according to your rhythm. As soon as you want to get started, register for the real highway code exam, which you will then take within 48 hours. In case of failure, don’t worry there’s no wait, you can take the exam again the next day. If successful, you move on to the next step: driving lessons (20 hours included in your pack). Just like the highway code courses, driving lessons adapt to your schedule : you choose your instructor, your day, your available times every day from 6am to 11pm. Once you’re ready, it’s time to take the real test !

The little extras of your training• Your highway code lessons on your computer or smartphone
• Download your lessons to access them even “offline”
• No ads, no interruptions
• Book your exam directly on your account
• Your driving lessons where you want, when you want, even on weekends (6am to 11pm)
En voiture Simone x Odalys CampusIn summary, En Voiture Simone is like a classic driving school but with much more flexibility. Your revision, mock exams and corrections will be at your fingertips where you want and when you want. For your driving lessons, choose from wide time slots, to fit into your daily life as a student.
With Odalys Campus, take advantage of an immediate reduction of at least €50 on the public price of the Pack Permit. Once settled into your residence you can take advantage of this offer !
This partnership is not eligible for our campus residences in Spain and Portugal

Psst !

Studywatt, your partner for energy contract procedures

In your new home, you will need a contract with an energy (electricity) supplier. You don’t know which supplier to choose ? Don’t panic, our partner Studywatt can help and guide you in this process !

Hey, so what’s Studywatt all about ?

An organisation which lists the best offers from energy suppliers and will assist you free of charge in opening your electricity meter.

  • Offers negociated just for you !
  • Electricity meter working within 24hrs
  • A dedicated advisor
  • Assistance for processing
  • Quick and easy subscription


Psst, so how does it work ? You simply go to the « Would you like to book » page of our website, scroll down to the « Discover our partner » section. Sign in with our partner code ODALYS, find your residence and get quotes for your energy consumption in just a few clicks. You choose the offer that suits your budget and consumption and at this stage your advisor will contact you by the end of the day to assist you with the administrative procedures with the energy supplier you have chosen. Simple, quick and efficient !

Studywatt’s little extras • Assistance with administrative procedures with the energy supplier

Studywatt x Odalys Campus   Basically, Studywatt helps you save time, money and energy  ! With offers negotiated for our students, you are guaranteed to get the best price for your budget.

This partnership is not eligible for our campus residences in Spain and Portugal

Psst !

Garantme, your guarantor ally in your admin procedures

As for any accommodation, in addition to home insurance, you will need a guarantor. You can call on your family, someone you know, who will support you financially in the event of non-payment of rent or you can subscribe with Garantme in a few clicks.

A rent guarantee organisation financed by the community of tenants which allows you to cover up to €90,000 for your landlord (here Odalys) in the event of unpaid rent.

Hey, so what exactly is Garantme ?

  • Rent assured
  • Simple administration
  • Verified document
  • Simple and easy subscription
  • Proof of guarantor within 24 hours
  • Garanteed 2 hours after activation
Psst, so how does it work ?

All you have to do is go to the “Would you like to book” page on our website, and go to the “Discover our partners” section. Choose your residence and click on “Find out more” and you will go directly to the Garantme page. Apply online in just a few clicks uploading the documents requested and within 24 hours you will receive a Garantme certicate which you can present in your booking request.

The little extras of the Garantme guarantee

• Help in setting up your rental file
• Garantme certificate received within 24 hours, 100% digital
• All types of income accepted: income or savings in France or abroad
• All types of proof of resources adapting to your situation

Garantme x Odalys Campus

In summary, Garantme makes the process easier for you and guarantees your student rental. By having the Garantme certification, you ensure the reliability of your rental file.

This partnership is not eligible for our campus residences in Spain and Portugal

Psst !

Potager City, fruit & veg baskets delivered to your residence !

With the crazy pace of studies, it’s not always easy to take the time to prepare meals using fresh produce. With Potager City, problem solved : delivery directly to your residence !

Hey, so what’s Potager City all about ?

So, it’ a delivery service for baskets of seasonal fruits and vegetables from producers. No need to go out to buy your healthy products, they will be delivered to your residence.

  • Delivery to your residence
  • Seasonal fruit & veg
  • With or without membership
  • Choice of 5 baskets
  • Free delivery
  • Weekly recipes & tips
  • Membership discount
  • Varied choice each week
Psst, and so what’s it really like ?

Each week, or when you choose, you order your fruit and veg basket. You can choose a membership for regular deliveries or baskets when you like depending on your needs. With membership, each Thursday you receive a list of the contents of the following week’s basket. You choose to order, change or simply receive nothing. You receive a reminder 48 hours before the delivery date to confirm your choice. If you don’t want a membership, you can simply choose the basket(s) that you would like 48 hours before the delivery date. Potager City has thought of everything : you can put your membership on pause or simply programme weeks without deliveries. The choice is yours !

The + points of the Potager City baskets

• Free delivery
• Recipes and tips to cook great meals
• No strings attached : with our without membership
• Choose what you want in your baskets
• You’re not around : put your deliveries on pause

Potager City x Odalys Campus

Let’s sum it up : Potager City helps you to eat healthily, organic and local with fruit and veg baskets directly from the producers promoting environmentally-friendly shopping and all this delivered free to your Campus residence.

With Odalys Campus, make the most of 3 discounts up to 50% off your order with a single promo code. More info available at your residence reception.

This partnership is not eligible for our campus residences in Spain and Portugal

Psst !

Fizz Up, your sporting coach, without leaving home !

After an intense day of lessons, revision or exams, it’s not easy to get motivated to go to the fitness centre. And what if your sporting coach simply came to your place via the Fizz Up app !

Hey, so what’s Fizz Up all about ?

It’s a hugely successful app for those who want to stay fit without leaving home. With over 7 million users, Fizz Up could become your ideal daily sporting coach.

  • Over 250 sports programmes
  • Nutrional guide
  • 1500 exercise videos
  • Yoga, meditation & Pilates
  • 350 recipes
  • Online coaching
  • Body-building, cardio, crunches…
  • Dance, boxing, self-defence
Psst, and so what’s it really like ?

Download the Fizz Up app available on your mobile phone or PC and discover the choice of 250 sports programmes. You can choose the number of sessions needed, personalised according to your aim. The videos will allow you to progress in just 3 weeks.
Well-being sessions will also be part of your programme alternating with your workout sessions.

The + points of the Fizz Up app

• A wide choice of sports programmes
• Well-being sessions also available
• Over 350 recipes

Fizz Up x Odalys Campus

Let’s sum it up : Fizz Up lets you work out and stay in shape wherever you are. No need to go to the fitness club, you coach goes where you go. You can make the most of sports pogrammes, workout videos and even recicpes adapted to your needs…

With Odalys Campus, get one month FREE on Fizz Up Premium and pay only €29,99 instead of €239,88 for a year’s membership. Go to your residence reception to find out more about this offer.

This partnership is not eligible for our campus residences in Spain and Portugal

Psst !

Etudassur, your home insurance in just a few clicks   

So, here you are, tenant of your own student accommodation, next step: insure your apartment. To be able to collect your keys, you will need a home insurance certificate: a legal obligation to access your accommodation. If you’re not sure where to start, we have a solution for you : Etudassur.  

Hey, so what exactly is Etudassur ?  

A 100% digital insurance solution specialising in student residences offering you several formulas adapted to your profile and your needs from €2.71/month.

  • Fire
  • Natural disaster
  • Water damage
  • Rental liability
  • Strike protection


Psst, so how does it work ?   You will receive a link staight after the validation of your registration. In just a few clicks, you will get a quote with an offer adapted to your accommodation. You can then subscribe to it in less than 5 minutes.

The little extras with Etudassur insurance
• Your home insurance in just 5 minutes : 100% digital platform
• Rates adapted for students
• Quick response to claims
• Your insurance certificate transferred automatically to the residence management (Odalys Campus)

  Etudassur  x Odalys Campus     
Let’s sum it up : Etudassur is an online insurance solution that lets you insure your student accommodation in just a few minutes. You’ll benefit from comprehensive cover at a low cost, quick response time in the event of a claim and simple digital management.

This partnership is not eligible for our campus residences in Spain and Portugal
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